Gender Justice, Inclusion and Participation

Like many African nations, Ghana’s population is made up of more women and young people. They also form majority of Ghana’s voting population. However, these demographic groups do not only seem to lack the space to effectively participate in the democratic corridor; but also, the relevant information, knowledge and skillset for effective participation. FES Ghana recognizes that effective and meaningful participation in Ghana’s democracy is a function of social and political inclusion.

FES Ghana therefore partners with civil society organisations to provide platforms for imbibing into young people and women the relevant skillset and knowledge for their effective and meaningful participation in Ghana’s democracy. This, we do through our Young Leaders Programme (YLP) and the Women in Politics Training (WIPT) Programme. The YLP and WIPT has been running since 2003 and 2005 respectively. Participants cut across political parties, civil society organisations, student movements and labour organisations.

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